PREMIERE: Watch The Dimly Lit’s new video for “Stepdads”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a brand new video for “Stepdads” by Eugene, Oregon rockers, The Dimly Lit. 

The video for “Stepdads” is the band’s first stab at making a video without a live music themed approach and it’s hard to tell they made it themselves with a budget of under a hundred bucks. Oh the wonders of technology! The band tells us they are all huge film fans and that certainly explains the classic film noir feel to the project.

The Dimly Lit not so calmly grabs parts and pieces of numerous genres, most notably garage, indie and punk, purees them into a sonic smoothee, resulting in a high-octane distinctive sound. The briskly paced “Stepdads” is from the bands recently released and not-so-aptly titled EP, Generic Sad Boy Music. The EP title apparently came out of an anonymous review on 4chan of the band’s first release and the band decided to have some fun with it. Mission accomplished!

 “nothing like four white doodz playing generic sad boy music and thinking that they are bringing something to the table”~ anon-4chan/mu 

(Watch “Stepdads” below via Youtube, and get more info about the band on Facebook HERE. Also check the new EP at Bandcamp HERE.) 

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