PREMIERE: Watch Richie Dagger’s Crime’s Video for “Tenderness”

Photo Credit – Charles Peterson

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new video from Richie Dagger’s Crime. The video is for the song “Tenderness” and while the upbeat tune captures the summer vibe nicely on its own, the washed-out video is a perfect match.

“My friend Nils had a tiny hand held camera from 2001 that captured really crappy digital footage –Not even 20 years old and it feels super nostalgic. I just loved the way it looked and the sentimentality it gave to everything. We captured the raw experience of joy and tenderness among friends during the summer. The camera footage felt like the nostalgia that has been so popular of late, but without feeling contrived. The lo-fi feeling wasn’t Super 8, Polaroid or VHS, but a weird in-between moment that felt more fresh.

Another motivation for how we approached the video for Tenderness was that I had recently filmed more technically oriented music videos with higher budgets and I wanted to make something for Tenderness that was low-key, relaxing and fun. All footage is from a 4th of July party last year. Emotionally, it really captures a very personal time in my life. These are all people I love dearly, at a house I will never forget. The video has a raw, time capsule element to it that is true not only for me but for anyone viewing the video.
Strangely enough, I am not in the video at all.”

(Check out the video for “Tenderness” below and get more info about Richie Dagger’s Crime at the website HERE.)

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