PREMIERE: Watch Black Plastic Clouds’ new video for “Ignite”

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the new video for “Ignite” from Seattle’s Black Plastic Clouds.

Black Plastic Clouds releases their debut music video, “Ignite,” the first single off of their upcoming EP due out in the spring of 2019. After a successful tour across the Western US in 2017, spanning 8 states and 14 cities, BPC returned to Seattle refined and focused in sound and direction. With the addition of Ryan Eville on bass guitar following their tour, the band further progressed their own version of experimental rock, and they headed into Robert Lang Studios in 2018 with the support of Jakael Tristram.

Not all rock bands can successfully pull off having brass in their music but the experimental style of Black Plastic Clouds creates opportunities for just such a thing. The new song is sort of a progressive ska, if one is forced to label it. The tune has a deep, infectious groove and a hook that is irresistible. “Ignite” is expertly produced, with the bass and drums moved to the front of the mix to power the track but still giving way for the horn riffs and shouted vocals when the time is right.

Check out the video below and get more information about Black Plastic Clouds at their website HERE.

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