PREMIERE: Listen to new EP titled ‘I See You, I Love You’ by Asterhouse

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a two-song EP titled “I See You, I Love You” from Asterhouse.

“I See You, I Love You” is a self produced, home recorded EP and the two songs that comprise the EP are left over tracks that didn’t make the cut for Asterhouse’s forthcoming full length album, due to be released next year. Asterhouse plans to release the rest of the songs that didn’t make the final album cut over the next few months, eventually leading up to the release of the official album.

The opening track, “Live With That” comes from a place of understanding. The main character has a firm grip on their surroundings through their experiences. He speaks with confidence. Oppositely, the second track, “Birds (Full Of Bullets)”, is spoken from a place of misunderstanding. Experiences seem to confound the main character.

(Check out the two songs from “I See You, I Love You” below via Soundcloud and get more info about Asterhouse HERE.)



Be sure to catch Asterhouse, Fruit Juice, and The Bones Of J.R Jones at The High Dive on June 21st! Event details HERE.


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