PREMIERE: Listen to Dark Palms’ Murky New Single, “Jack Burton”

One of the best currently occupying Olympia’s gloomy underground, Dark Palms occupy an unexpected lane in which the macabre and bleak take center-stage next to poppy melodies that won’t escape your head. Enshrouding their songs in a deep, claustrophobic murk reminiscent of early post-punk bands like Pere Ubu, Dark Palms inject their gray sonic atmosphere with straightforward, contagious hooks that soar and jump off the page. The band features Timothy Grisham, renowned songwriter for Happy Noose, Aires and Graces and The Revlons, with Patrick Suther assuming bass responsibilities and Morgan Chance pounding away without mercy on the drums.

On “Jack Burton,” Dark Palms’ latest single, buzzing guitar leads cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter, but leave plenty of room for lead singer Laurence Goldenstar to capture listeners’ hearts with his dramatic, deep vocal delivery. The psychedelic haze of the track feels thicker and more potent than previously fuzzy tracks such as “Smoke,” and feels reminiscent of other similarly druggy-sounding bands like Spacemen 3 or Black Tambourine. Its instrumentation – wailing as it is anthemic – gives the perfect volume and weight to Goldenstar’s singing.

(Listen to “Jack Burton” below via Bandcamp; make sure to keep up with Dark Palms via Facebook, Twitter, and their official website.) 

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