PREMIERE: Listen to “Broke” by Stereo RV

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is “Broke” from super talented Portland natives, Stereo RV.

Stereo RV’s newest single “Broke,” is an introspective but optimistic take on dreaming while trying to survive that combines intimate lyricism and poetic rhythms to create a relatable, catchy song. We stumbled upon this band early last year and were instantly hooked on their upbeat, feel-good pop music.

“It’s a playful and feel good song, discussing a subject that is not always seen in a positive light,” said singer Myra. “Being broke is not fun. To have dreams and put in the grind and hustle for it and then still live paycheck to paycheck, can be really disheartening and challenging. However, being broke makes you sharpen your financial wit, having to make adjustments to your life so you can survive from week to week. We want to make you feel good about being broke ‘cause ‘I don’t wanna be broke forever, If I am then it’s whatever.’”

Check out the new song below and get more info about Stereo RV at their website and on Facebook.

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