PREMIERE: Listen to “Black Holes” by Baywitch

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a new single titled “Black Holes” from the new Baywitch album titled Hellaspawn

“Black Holes” is a metaphor for the tangible and terrible repercussions of our current political hellscape. Actual black holes are admittedly much less malevolent than the current president and his regime, however they are both all-consuming, destructive, colossal, and difficult for an individual to quantify.

Hellaspawn is the soundtrack to a Saturday morning cartoon for stoned goth twenty-somethings. The cast includes genies, princesses, ghosts, poisonous spiders, and black holes within allegories about very real life including being ghosted by boys, “Ghosts,” having pot brownie induced panic attacks, “I.O.D.T.H.C.” and the tangible effects of the all-consuming fascist abyss currently running the country, “Black Holes.” The opening instrumental is meant to welcome you to the Baywitch galaxy they’ve built, the subsequent tracks use familiar characters to navigate this scary and unpredictable solar system, and the title track “Hellaspawn” aims to be the moral of it all — to carve out a space for yourself in a world you don’t fit into. The instrumental outro “Potion Breeze” is best served with a slice of funfetti cake under the shade of a palm tree while stuck on a desert island.

(Listen to “Black Holes” below via Soundcloud and get more info about Baywitch on Facebook HERE.)

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