Premier: Watch the new video for “We Loved the Rain” from Blue Glass

Artist: Mel Prest – Photographer: John Janca

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the trippy new video for “We Loved the Rain” from Seattle’s Blue Glass from the album Pale Mirror which was released in late spring of this year.

Musically, the song “We Loved the Rain” is really modeled after those 1983ish Japan and Cure sounds, pop songs with a syncopated, off-kilter feeling. Almost danceable. I was listening to a lot of “Gentlemen Take Polaroids” and “Japanese Whispers” and I always thought those type of pop songs were the absolute best – the ones that were a bit dream-like lyrically, with some darkness and surreality mixed in. This song is about an actual dream I had that woke me up and I was very disoriented. I just had this phrase ‘We Loved the Rain’ going around in a loop in my head, but I couldn’t really remember a lot of details of the dream except that I was walking around a city hunting for someone and ended up tracking down myself. The song ended up being about the transference of an emotional state onto others, and how you can be someone else and they can be you. Like, these two friends hanging out in a dark period, just gone insane and passing their insanity back and forth to one another, a cup-de-sac of symbiotic thoughts that are out of true. – Michael Shunk

Check out “We Loved the Rain” below via Youtube and get more info about Blue Glass HERE. Purchase the full album HERE.

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