Premier: Watch Blue Glass performing “All Night” on Earwig Sessions Vol. 3

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the video for “All Night” from Blue Glass as the second offering from Earwig Sessions Vol. 3.

Earwig Sessions Vol. 3 is the third installment of a new series at Earwig Studio in Seattle. Multiple bands perform live to an audience in the main room of the recording studio. 

Don Farwell, co-owner and chief recording engineer at Earwig, wants bands to have an opportunity to show what they can do live but still have the sound of a studio recording. Lance Hofstad is in charge of all the visuals, offering a unique look to match the sound of the recordings. 

Cut from the Thatcher-era, post-punk cloth and steeped in the romantic chill of the Pacific Northwest, Blue Glass writes melancholic odes to isolation and longing that only certain latitudes tend to produce. The song “All Night” is a prime example of their style from their latest album, Pale Mirror.

(Check out “All Night” below via YouTube and get more info about Blue Glass HERE. Get more info about Earwig Studios HERE and check out the Earwig Sessions playlist on YouTube HERE.) 

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