Premier: Stream J. Martin’s new EP ‘Both of Those Things’

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is the brand new EP from Tacoma’s  J. Martin called Both of Those Things. 

In 2013, J. Martin released his sublimely melancholic solo debut, Awake or a Dream. J. Martin’s long-awaited sophomore effort, Both of Those Things, finds him taking a giant leap forward from the understated folk-rock of his earlier work, into a kaleidoscopic and formally ambitious future. Lush, dynamic, and audacious, Both of Those Things finds J. Martin embracing heady experimentalism while only amplifying the heart that has always made him compelling.

J. Martin celebrates the release of Both of Those Things with a headlining set at The Valley on Saturday, September 14. He’ll be sharing the stage with Coma Figura, Slow Dogs and Jacob John. Get more show info HERE.

(Check out ‘Both of Those Things’ below via Soundcloud and get more information about J. Martin HERE.) 

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