Premier: Listen to “Your World” by Down North

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is a smoking new track titled “Your World” from Down North.

When the world seems chaotic, artists create clarity. That was the driving force behind Down North’s “Your World”, a fast-paced track inspired by a child dancing in Toys ‘R Us and dedicated to the short-lived life of Milwaukee’s Sandra Parks, a 13-year old student and award-winning anti-gun essayist who was shot and killed in her bedroom in 2018.

With lyrics that tell the story of a little girl brushing her hair in her bedroom, Down North’s front man, Anthony Briscoe, portrays a simple scene that would fall to pieces should a stray bullet shoot through the glass of her window panes. With a voice that summons righteous anger and beautiful uplift, Briscoe brings a full range of emotions to the listener’s ear.

(Check out “Your World” below via Spotify and get more info about Down North HERE.) 


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