Premier: Listen to “We Are All Mice” from Helen America

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is “We Are All Mice” from Seattle’s  Helen America.

Helen America is a young but longtime Seattle indie culture bellwether, releasing gorgeous comics and zines in the print DIY, but also known for her elegiac protest music utilizing some of the best freak-folk players in Emerald City’s underground.

Her new album “Red Sun” is the most musically expressive and conceptually expansive thing she’s ever done, combining art and music and storytelling in ways fans won’t be able to resist, from its cinematic songs about body horror, and environmental holocaust, using visceral yet compelling artwork in the 12″ booklet that comes with the CD.

From Helen on “We Are All Mice”: “This is one of my favorite songs on the album (it is my drummer Mitch’s favorite song “by far”). It is maybe the thesis statement of the whole thing and is about climate change and the behavior of humans.”

(Check out “We Are All Mice” below via Soundcloud and get more info about Helen America HERE. Click HERE to get more information about the album release event On November 9 at Columbia City Theatre.)

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