Premier: Listen to “The Oldest Oak” by Bright Raven

Premiering today on Northwest Music Scene is an absolutely gorgeous new song called “The Oldest Oak” from Bright Raven. The delicately picked acoustic guitar on the stripped down track provides all that is necessary for Raven to use sweet vocals to paint a vivid picture with words, rather than with a paintbrush and canvas.

“This song is about childhood, belonging, and first-loves. It explores the fine line between savoring and dwelling. I was raised in an Oak forest, and when life becomes overwhelming, as it often does, I have these images in my head of younger me still running underneath those trees, as if my child-self were imprinted there, like a ghost. The idea of being able to return there, to turn back time, so-to-speak, is simultaneously comforting and heartbreaking. I think it’s something a lot of us experience, and cannot fully grieve for.”

(Check out “The Oldest Oak” below via Soundcloud and get more info about Bright Raven HERE.) 


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