PostMadonna, #1 Selling Experimental Band on BandCamp.Com now working with Tetra Records

PostMadonnaSeattle, Washington – June 30th, 2013- The Seattle based, Math-Rock group, PostMadonna is already the top selling experimental band on


They officially released their latest self-titled vinyl on June 30th but pre-orders dating back to early spring have done well enough to catch the attention of Tetra Records, who have added PostMadonna to their roster of artists in support of their record.


Along side at their LP release, were fellow prog-rock groups, Heavy Petting, New Lungs, and Special Explosion.


While they’re growing in popularity in the local scene, the internet has provided a
platform for their ever-growing fan bases in countries like Spain, Japan, and the UK.
The assorted musical training and brotherly love derived from living together in their
Montlake home, has aided in culturing some of the finest in math rock, progressive rock,
pop and post-hardcore. With their spastic time changes, catchy melodies, and “jazz on
acid” elements that demand your attention (no matter what you may be doing while
listening), they’ve been labeled as “ADHD Rock”. Tim Dery (PostRockStar) says, “These
guys are having a blast and it just oozes from this record”.
Locally, you may have seen them headline at the Vera Project, Van Fest, or Chop Suey.

A few upcoming shows connected with their new Tetra Record relationship include:

  •  Saturday, July 6 at The Josephine: with Space Waster, Un Eroder, and Trashcan
  • Wizard
  •  Friday, July 12 @ The Black Lodge: with Fearless Leader, William Bonney, and
  • Perfect Future
  •  Thursday, July 18 @ Vermillion, with Dear Mr. Manager & TBA

PostMadonna consists of multi-instrumentalist band members: Rich, Pat, Rowdy, and
You can find their digital record or preorder their vinyl at:
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