Portland Selfie Session #4 – Ghost Towns

Portland Selfie ProjectPortland Selfie Session #4 – Ghost Towns

From my smartphone to yours.

Enjoy the unique sounds coming from Portland, OR in this week’s Portland Selfie Session! Brought to you straight from the smartphone of musician/music-enthusiast Sarah DiMuzio.

Amidst the ever-present Portland mist, just a few blocks away from the iconic Powell’s City of Books, Sarah met with three members of the local, eclectic folk-rock six-piece Ghost Towns. The light drizzle accented the music of the trio perfectly, and the whole experience could easily be compared to hearing a sea shanty being played out in its natural habitat. The band’s other recorded music is perfect indie-movie fare. To hear them live for yourself check them out at the White Eagle in Portland this coming Sunday (November 23rd).
Be sure to check out the band’s Restless Invention EP over on BandCamp:
And now for a brief chat with the band’s frontman Lukas Borsten.

Portland Selfie Session #4 – Ghost Towns

Influences, favorite bands?

Oh man. Umm, Neutral Milk Hotel, but for this band especially Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship. They’re pretty great.

Any Upcoming Releases?

We are releasing a music video of a song off our EP sometime in January. And then we’ll have a full length album released a few months after that.

Where can people find your previously released music?

Ghosttownstheband.com or our Bandcamp page

Any upcoming shows?

November 23rd at the White Eagle (Portland, OR). Show info HERE

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Sarah DiMuzio

Sarah DiMuzio is a Portland based musician-music-enthusiast hybrid. On the musician side she is a singer-songwriter who releases music under the moniker Whim, and to date has one EP released titled "Small Infinity - EP." On the music-enthusiast side, she delights in seeing local shows, and has recently started a local music showcase titled Portland Selfie Sessions. The main idea behind the sessions is simplicity. Without the budget for filming equipment, or the knowledge to use said equipment, Sarah makes due filming sessions using her smartphone-- hence the name "selfie" sessions. You can check out her music at https://whimmusic.bandcamp.com, and you can learn more about Portland Selfie Sessions on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/portlandselfiesessions

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