Now, Now Delights Sold-Out Crocodile

Fans flocked to the Crocodile on July 30 for a chance to catch Now, Now in an intimate setting. The band who released Saved, their first album in six years back in May, returned to our city for a sold out performance. Along with a few band member changes they have been around since 2003 and have released three records, the last two under Chris Walla’s Trans Records. The last one really transformed their sound, showing their growth into stronger, more enticing songwriting.

The audience grew louder as time came near for the headliners to take the floor and most of them were dancing around as they waited. Once Now, Now appeared, lead singer/guitarist Cacie Dalager moved around the stage, dancing around and interacting with the devoted fans most of the night. Drummer Bradley Hale was setup right behind her providing percussions and backing vocals along with the two touring members.

Dalager’s pink ponytail waved around as she moved to the music and there was this great feeling in the room right from the start. After each excited crowd cheer she would pause and show just how happy she was and how she couldn’t believe that this was their show tonight. It really felt that they were enjoying being on tour and that they had a family bond developing. This was shown after their guitar tech brought a guitar to Dalager and she hugged him as he helped adjust the guitar over her shoulder. She made everyone in the room chant “Mike, Mike, Mike.”

They played all 12 tracks off their new record ending with “POWDER,” but also threw some older songs in there as well, including “Prehistoric,” “Thread,” “But I Do,” and “Wolf.” It was sweet to hear Dalager apologize to her mother who was attending the show, before she played “Saved,” adding that it was the first time she wrote a song with swear words. During the encore she jumped into the crowd finishing “POWDER” in the middle of the venue laying on the ground. This was a great show to catch in such a small space and the band made every single person there feel included and better than what they came in.

Check out more photos from the show HERE.

Sophia Barkalakis

Music is probably the most important part of her life. Sophia is constantly searching for new material, old and new. Always looking forward to the next live show she can attend, ready to immerse herself in the sound. "There is something so magical about attending a live show that you cannot possibly feel from a recording itself that makes it worth going to", she says. She also says she's lucky to be able to combine her passion for music with her obsession of capturing moments. She finds that being able to look at a photograph and be transported to that second of your life is indescribable and she's so grateful for all those great moments.

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