Missing 12 year old Lakewood, WA girl…Bring Haley Home

A Lakewood family is asking for your help in locating their 12 year old daughter, Haley Kelly, who appears to have climbed out of her bedroom window on Friday night.  She may be in the company of someone she met on the internet.  I have confirmed with Lakewood police/sheriff communications that she is listed as a runaway.

From the site of   Tacoma Mama:

Please feel free to copy and distribute the flyer attached to this post.

More information from the “Help us Bring Haley Home!” Facebook event:

Haley has been missing for over 40 hours now and still no word on her where abouts. So far her mother has filed a police report and contacted the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, run by the FBI. The police have added Haley as a ‘missing person’ and the CMEC took a report but will not be able to move forward until Monday when a case manager is in the office. We have reached out to FB and Tagged for assitance to get into her accounts, neither have responded yet. We have found that the home computer she was using is set to automatically ‘wipe’ clean all browsing and cookie history at least daily. Therefore we cannot find out where she has been on the internet until we find someone who can get past the firewall and into the hard drive. The media has been contacted, citing that they must have confirmation from PB before running the story. Unfortunatly it may be Monday before that happens. An ‘Amber Alert’ cannot be issued, as Haley went out her bedroom window and no one saw her get into a vehicle. Family and friends are continueing to hand out fliers near her home and through out parts of Peirce County. Thank you for you all continued support, prayers and assistance!

Help us bring Haley home! Haley Kelly, 12 years old was last seen at her mother’s home in Lakewood, WA around 7:30p last night, wearing blue jean shorts, and a Juston Beiber tank top. She is abbout 4′ 10″, 110lbs, with balck hair (with purple streaks) and brown eyes. Haley has had mental health issues and is without her medication. She snuck out of her bedroom window and it is also suspected that she left with someone she meet on the internet.

Haley’s mother has filed a missing person(s) report and attempted to contact the local meia. However, the media have not yet agreed to run a story on Haley’s disappearence. Please help us let the media know Haley needs their help! You can contact the following stations below:

King 5 News

1.888.K5. STORY

KOMO 4 News   tips@komo4news.com


KCPQ 13    tips@q13fox.com

KIRO 7 TV    newstips@kirotv.com

Tacoma News Tribune    newstips@thenewstribune.com,

Here is the email that has already been sent to all these stations. Simply copy , paste and send!

Thank you all for your help, support and prayers.

“To Whom it May Concern,
It has been over 40 hours now since Haley Kelly, 12, of Lakewood has been seen or heard from. Haley suffers from mental health issues and is without her medication. Earlier this week her mother Tiffany Coberly took her to Children’s Hospital because she knew her daughter was in crisis. They were turned away by the psych unit at Children’s Hospital, who cited there was nothing they could do because Haley had not tired to harm herself, yet. Two days later (last evening around 7:03p) Haley ran away from her mother’s home, by climbing out her bedroom window. All her mother knows is that Haley may have left with a man she met on the Internet. Haley was last seen wearing blue jean shorts, and a Justin Beiber tank top. Haley is approximently 4’10”, 110lbs, brown eyes with black and purple straks.

Haley’s mother has filed a report with the Lakewood Police Department, who have put out a report for a missing child but have so far done little else to assist in the finding of this child, As we all know the most valuable time in any investigation is the first 24 hours. Haley’s mother and family are desperate to find her.

We ask that you please run this story and help bring Haley home! For further details please contact Haley’s mother Tiffany Coberly here on FB.”

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