22 Bands in 22 Days – Minty Rosa

Minty Rosa - Pretty PleaseBand: Minty Rosa

Band Location:
Longview, Washington

About Minty Rosa:
Minty Rosa is a post-punk, new wave band polished with a dark heaviness: alt-rock with a touch of abrasion. They meet the tough cool of the Ronettes with the melodic pop-punk of Blondie and the driving powerful momentum of Black Sabbath. Singer Hilarie Hughes (formerly of M-9), guitarist Tyler Stockton (the Hickmans, Bung), bassist Jerry Wilkins (the Hickmans) and drummer Jeremy Denman (Bung), combine disparate influences to create a sweetness with a sharp edge. With songs that blend equal parts strength, thoughtfulness and energy, Minty Rosa is quickly building a fan base hooked on their infectious style. Minty Rosa has recently finished their first full length CD.


Upcoming Shows: 

October 3rd @ Bunk Bar in Portland [free] 
October 19th @ Dantes in Portland, OR w/ muddy river nightmare band, the food, and the decliners [free] 
November 18th @ The Red Room in Portland, OR with bonneville power, the decliners, and last shot [4-5 dollars]

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