Maurice the Fish Records adds Mr. Von to Executive Staff

Mr Von from Sweatbox Entertainment appointed to Exec. Assistant to CEO

For the past four years, Maurice the Fish Records and Sweatbox Entertainment have been partners in the Pacific NW music industry. Working side by side in the trenches to lift up the artists and continually show innovative and creative ways to bring genre crossing music to the masses…with great success I might add! With the increasing brand awareness The Fish have created, it is time to take the partnership one step further and create a tighter working relationship to demonstrate, by example, the power of working together. Mr Von is very well known by his peers as one of the hardest working performers in the NW as an artist and business man. Teaming up with CEO, Raymond Hayden, he will amplify the reach and strength of The Fish brand.

If you are interested in finding our more about the addition of Mr Von to the Maurice the Fish Records executive staff…please contact Raymond directly at

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