‘Mastering the Hustle’ Workshop Series Aims to Guide Emerging Local Artists on the Path to Success


The DIY spirit of the Pacific Northwest is what makes our artistic community so unique, and as part of their commitment to authentically supporting the sound and culture of the Northwest, Upstream Music Fest + Summit, KEXP, and MoPOP are partnering to offer ongoing workshops to help emerging artists navigate the music industry. Titled ‘Mastering the Hustle,’ the program will bring local and national industry experts straight to emerging artists to providing them with valuable information to help further their career. All three organizations want to give emerging artists the tools and support they need to find success; however, you, the artist, define what that means to you.

The sessions will include speakers from across the music industry and collaborative workshops, focused on supporting emerging artists at every level of their career, especially those interested in pursuing music at a professional level. As a publication that’s hugely advocated for the empowerment of up-and-coming local artists on the path to success, especially from a marketing and brand-building standpoint, we gladly endorse this workshop series, and encourage any local musicians encouraged in getting an inlet into this often confusing industry to look into these three workshops, which will be occurring in February, April, and May.

RSVP here and join industry experts and other attending local musicians alike for a regular download on how to achieve your artistic vision. See below for more information on each individual program.

Workshop 1: Building Your Music Brand
Date: Saturday, February 4
Time: 2:00P.M. – 4:00P.M.
Location: KEXP Gather Space
Description: Join us at KEXP’s Gathering Space to learn about concepts in branding and promotion from local music industry professionals.
Speakers: Members of Thunderpussy, Members of Tacocat, Megan Tweed of Assembly

Workshop 2: Your Sound and Performance
Date: Saturday, April 1
Location: MoPOP
Description: Join us at MoPOP and explore the mechanics behind building your best live show.
Speakers: TBA

Workshop 3: Making Money in Today’s Music Economy
Date: Saturday, May 13
Location: Upstream Summit at WaMu Theater
Description: Join us at the Upstream Summit space at WaMu Theater and unravel the mysteries of a music business that has undergone a seismic shift in the digital age.
Speakers: TBA

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