Live From Bob’s Garage – Gruntruck, The Melvins and more

Seattle radio legend Bob Rivers has announced he’ll be leaving the air August 8th after a long and storied career on the northwest air waves. He’s also well known for his Twisted Tunes but there is another part of Bob’s tale that will live on in infamy, it was a little thing called Bob’s Garage. We’re assuming Rivers would con, coax, lie, kidnap or pretty much do anything he could to get the artists to come to his garage and record songs.

Some were local rockstars, some were national touring acts and they’d stop by while they were on tour. What took place was some of the greatest live recordings you will find. There are quite a few of these floating around the internet and have been for the last few decades but I’m always surprised at the amount of people that had no idea the caliber of artists Rivers was taking to his house. The Outlaws, Nazareth, Foghat, Queensryche all recorded there. As did The Melvins, Candlebox, Gruntruck and many more.  Enjoy.



Gruntruck – Tribe


The Melvins – Revolve


Queensryche – Silent Lucidity


War Babies – Blue Tomorrow

If you don’t want to wait for our next installment you can check out the list of Bob’s Garage recording here: CLICK

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