Listen to Two New Singles from ODESZA, “Late Night” and “Line of Sight”

Still fresh off headlining day two of the 2016 Capitol Hill Block Party, ODESZA, one of Seattle’s most prominent contributions to modern electronic music, dropped two brand new singles Tuesday morning. The first of the two singles to be dropped, “Line of Sight,” is one of ODESZA’s most radio-friendly, but most textured tracks to date, and features vocal contributions from both WYNNE and Mansionair. The track follows a somewhat straightforward pop crossover structure, but with hip hop-esque drums and bright synths that give the track that ODESZA spark.

“Late Night,” a rare track from ODESZA in their post-In Return days in its lack of a guest vocalist, is possibly ODESZA’s most overtly psychedelic track to date, with distorted lead guitar prominent throughout the track, as well as shimmering synth arpeggios that recall to mind neo-pscyh artists like Animal Collective or Young Magic, but with a paced house groove guiding the majority of the track along.

Around the same time these two tracks were released, it was revealed the duo will be appearing at this year’s Bumbershoot Festival as one of three main headliners, alongside Lorde and Flume. With the show happening in Seattle so quickly after their performance at Capitol Hill Block Party, and right at the tail-end of summer, we can only hope ODESZA keeps our mouths watering with new music at a time when they’re due for a studio music comeback.

Listen to “Late Night” and “Line of Sight” below via YouTube. Read our review of Capitol Hill Block Party 2016 here.


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