LISTEN NOW: Stream “Nightmare” from Danny Newcomb & The Sugarmakers

DannyNewcomb_Masterwish_Cover-page-001Danny Newcomb’s stellar reemergence comes as no surprise to fans who have followed this talented native son since his rise as lead guitarist and songwriter for Goodness, the alt-rock Seattle band that released three albums and toured worldwide, supporting acts such as Pearl Jam, Cheap Trick, and Oasis, and co-headlined a tour with Candlebox (1995-2004). Goodness reunited for two sold-out concerts in 2008 and 2009. Newcomb is also a founding member of The Rockfords, a Seattle band that also featured Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Carrie Akre (Goodness, Hammerbox), Chris Friel, and Rick Friel, and released three albums (2000-2004). Newcomb, McCready, and the Friel brothers first made rock music together in the metal/punk band Shadow in the mid-1980s.

Danny Newcomb will debut his new band’s album, ‘Masterwish’, as a digital release on August 1, 2015​, as a 7” vinyl single release at Easy Street Records on September 4, 2015​(released by Mike McCready’s Hockey Talkter Records), and via a CD release party at the Tractor Tavern on August 21, 2015​, featuring special musical guests.


Danny Newcomb is not only one of the best guitarists in the Northwest—he has also always been an amazing songwriter. His new album, Masterwish, is fantastic, and I hope people take the time to listen! They won’t be disappointed. – Mike McCready, lead guitarist, Pearl Jam



Listen to “Nightmare” from the forthcoming album,’Masterwish’.

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