KISW 99.9 FM Pain In The Grass 2011, featuring Queensryche, Five Finger Death Punch, Hinder and Chevelle

You like pretty pictures right? Well so do we!

This past Saturday one of our undercover agents finagled a pass to stand with a camera in hand in front of several bands at KISW 99.9 FM’s Pain In The Grass 2011 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington (that’s about 30 miles south of Seattle for you geographically challenged. May we suggest Google Maps?). Although unable to stay for headliner Korn, or wake up in time to see openers Witchburn, Duff McKagan’s Loaded and All That Remains, our intrepid lensman was able to capture a few images during sets from Hinder, Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle and the mighty Queensrÿche (hey, when you consistently bring it live, delivering a solid show night-after-night for 30 years, you’ll get to preface your name with ‘mighty’ also).

So hunker down and bask in the sleazy rock vibe of Hinder; get your testosterone fix with Five Finger Death Punch; get out a little aggression with the down-tuned thunder of Chevelle and worship at the altar of one of the finest progressive metal bands to ever grace a stage. (Queensrÿche dude! Weren’t you paying attention earlier? Gawd!)

Hinder lead singer Austin Winkler.


Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook.


Queensryche's Michael Wilton.


Chevelle's Pet Loeffler.


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