KEXP Celebrates Community Support for New Home with ‘I Power KEXP’ Campaign

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KEXP, Seattle’s non-profit radio station known for championing music and discovery since 1972 is highlighting the awesome community members who are helping build their new home with the “I Am KEXP” campaign.

This campaign celebrates the music lovers – donors, artists, and volunteers – who keep KEXP listener-powered and who are helping build KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center.  Commercial-free KEXP relies on donations from individual, foundation, business, and government supporters to power all its programs and services. The “I Power KEXP” campaign features 10 KEXP listeners photographed by award-winning photographer Rachel White and placed on posters all over Seattle.

KEXP’s New Home at Seattle Center will increase its space for music discovery by 18,500 square feet over the current location on Dexter Avenue North. This expanded venue is designed specifically to reach more music lovers, break down barriers between listeners and their favorite artists, and make it even easier to share new music and experiences with KEXP community members all over the world.

“We are fortunate to have such an awesome community of music lovers behind KEXP.” Said Kurt Reighley, KEXP DJ and Development Communications Manager. “With the ‘I Power KEXP’ campaign, we wanted to give thanks to all of our supporters who keep us listener-powered and with our New Home we hope to give our listeners a space for so many opportunities to enjoy and discover music year round.”

With more than 400 in-studio performances planned for 2016, KEXP expects to activate Seattle Center with more live music than ever. The new location is also expected to revitalize Lower Queen Anne with a new pedestrian thruway between 1st Avenue North and Seattle Center; encourage new partnerships and education opportunities with Seattle Center neighbors such as Vera Project, EMP, and Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), and open its 4,500 square foot Gathering Space for public programs in a convenient, central location.

New, unique features of KEXP’s New Home include:

Gathering Space: A spacious new 4,500 sq ft lobby and community Gathering Space for performances, dance parties, classes and lectures.

DJ Booth: A live KEXP DJ booth will be visible from the comfort of the gathering space. This booth features updated and expanded equipment and will allow DJs to interact freely with visitors.

Live Room & Audience Viewing: The new live room will include an audience viewing area, with room for 50-75 music lovers. The space will include improved equipment and professional lighting for podcasts, videos, broadcasts and live streams.

Artist Lounge: KEXP’s “Artist Oasis” provide a welcoming “home away from home” for touring artists with showers, laundry facilities, work stations, and a place to nap that isn’t on wheels.

Library: The new library more than doubles the size of the old one. Listening booths for DJs, work areas for assistants and volunteers, and digital resources to research music from around the globe.

About KEXP

KEXP is more than a radio station. KEXP is a dynamic arts organization that provides rich music experiences on the air, online, and on the streets. KEXP’s unique services benefit three distinct groups: Music Lovers, Artists, and the Arts Community. KEXP is an affiliate of the University of Washington and a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. You can tune in to KEXP via 90.3FM Seattle or from anywhere in the world at

Visit for more information on how to support Seattle’s favorite radio station.

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