Kelli Frances Corrado Coming to Sunset Tavern on October 18th

Kelli Frances Corrado is a dark folktronica singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist and occasional visual artist. Coupling bittersweet, ethereal vocals with grandiose violins and cellos, underscored by a sinister metronome of pulsing drums, her tracks are dark, atmospheric and enchanting. Influenced by a nomadic history as a tap dancer, military-wife, social worker and music teacher.

Her music has been home to recordings, sound installations, grants and artist-in-residency programs. Working with a wish list mix of artists like Brian Deck (Iron and Wine/Califone), Jeffery Mcnulty (Bat Country/Vera Project), Shawn Hatfield (Amon Tobin/Resident Advisor award winner) and other cool folk. Touring extensively, performing at cavernous venues like E’space B Paris, to critically acclaimed theater On The Boards, Seattle. Her songs are featured on a widespread of Stations from the BBC6 London to Hollow Earth Radio, Seattle.

Tickets to Corrado’s forthcoming performance at Sunset Tavern with special guest Gaby DeSpain can be purchased here.

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