Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas Coming to The Crocodile on August 17th

Jessica Hernandez is a singer-songwriter — but not THAT kind of singer songwriter. She has Latin roots, but we’re not talking Selena or Shakira here. She’s got soul (Hernandez does come from Motown, after all), but is not cookie-cutter contemporary R&B diva.

She can be as heartfelt and melodic as any pop singer out there, but she doesn’t sound like a one of them.

So if you’re trying to peg Hernandez — good freakin’ luck. Our advice instead is to just sit back and enjoy the kind of rare, genuinely individualistic artist that eschews any conventions and stylistic parameters and instead covers a lot of ground — and all of it well.

Tickets to her Crocodile performance can be purchased here.

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