Interview With Seattle Band The Thrill

Todd 2The Thrill is a Seattle rock and roll band whose music is a combination of alternative, grunge, pop and great rock and roll.

Lead singer Todd Clirehugh knew from an early age that he wanted to play in a rock and roll band. He spent several years singing and honing his guitar playing in various rock and roll bands in the Seattle/Tacoma area before finally founding The Thrill in 2013.

We asked Todd if this current member line-up has always been the same. Says Clirehugh, “We have not. Fortunately/unfortunately, we’ve had to go round and round a few times with drums but we’ve got our guy now for sure. Of course, this is no disrespect to the previous guys, who we are still strong with…just had to get the right fit”

It sounds like the right fit to us. The members have an organized cooperation that enables them to play as one. Clirehugh has a tremendous voice that he effortlessly uses to share the lyrics with the rest of us. Solid and full of life. He is also an amazing guitarist who brilliantly delivers some monster solos in his songs.

Band 2newWhen asked how long have each of the band members have been playing music, the guitar/vocalist replied,
“Not long enough. It’s always a work in progress no matter if it’s with your own instrument, voice, playing in a band environment or trying out new drummers!”

We asked what the band hopes listeners will get out of the music and Clirehugh states, “I was inspired by a few acts that didn’t care about the current trend. They played what they loved and had great taste in music. Sure enough, these bands were able to make noise by doing it their way, on their terms. That’s the idea with The Thrill. Someone, somewhere is gonna dig it and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

The band has a great sound, sort of a mix between Foo Fighters, Foreigner and Oasis. So, if you like any of those bands, you might just love this one. When asked about the release date for the new music, Clirehugh explains, “We should have the EP ‘Eleven Hundred’ released within a couple of weeks.” He continues, “Once the record is finished, we’re gonna have more shows, which can be found on either the Facebook or Reverbnation websites.”

The Thrill will be performing at The Bite of Seattle on the Fisher Green Stage July 19th.

Todd Clirehugh – Lead vocals/Guitar
Don Allen – Bass/vocals
David Jensen – Drums


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