Honcho Poncho’s ‘Late Night’ Will Get You Where it Hurts


Seattle based Honcho Poncho released their debut album Late Night in November and it with that, the band has seen success in the Northwest and has garnered attention from a variety of local outlets. On Late Night, Honcho Poncho showcases their ability to combine a unique, soft style and honest lyricism with a self-produced and engineered authenticity, proving themselves to be a group to watch.

The song “Dyno” off this latest effort effectively showcases Honcho Poncho’s ability to tell a story and build with subtle, yet emotionally provoking musical undertones. In “Dyno”, Honcho Poncho comes in with a simple guitar melody, eventually adding a drum and electric guitar to add a dark and haunting undertone, expanding musically as the story expands and develops itself.

Every move Honcho Poncho makes on Late Night is deliberate. Although not a loud album, Late Night proves to be complex in that every note is important and every word striking. The group utilizes a slew of instruments and components to compliment their lyrics, including a trumpet and synth, a variety of percussion and more. Honcho Poncho pulls the listener in with a sound initially simple and bubbly, but upon further attention Late Night develops to be an album full of complicated melodies and emotion provoking lyricism.

(If you’d like to purchase the album, click HERE.  You can also listen below via Bandcamp.)

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