Gunfire erupts at Spanaway’s Metal Fest

Mace metal fest
Photo courtesy of Patt Lucas

More proof that the northwest has lost most of it’s marbles.  At least no one died here but one person was shot and injured  at Metal Fest Saturday in Spanaway, WA. Attendees had gathered to raise money to support the families of cancer victims and get their faces melted off at the same time.

Thrash metal pioneers Mace were on the bill along with their special guest Tommy Neimeyer (Gruntruck, The Accused). Mace guitarist Dave Hillis was standing near the soundboard when the all the commotion started. Says Hillis,

“I heard a bunch of stuff going on but really didn’t think anything of it, after all it was a Mace show and crazy stuff happens. All of a sudden 25 or 30 cops swarm the place and shut off the streets and the surrounding area.” Hillis continues, “Tommy(Neimeyer) barely made it to the festival and there was even rumors floating around that it was cancelled. Our phones were blowing up the whole time”.

The dispute reportedly broke out between members of two motorcycle clubs at Uncle Sam’s American Bar and Grill in the 16000 block of Pacific Avenue according to Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer.  After the shooting, the unidentified victim was taken to Tacoma General Hospital. The victim belonged to a motorcycle club called the Bandidos, which participates in events for an umbrella fundraising group called Bikers Fighting Cancer. The shooter came from another club called Ghostriders.

Apparently, some time after 8PM some sort of altercation broke out and the suspect, who is in police custody, shot the other biker with what the police are calling a high-caliber handgun. Other festival goers at that point jumped in and removed the gun. This could have turned out a whole lot worse if not for some fast action by the other patrons.

Authorities are still sorting through conflicting accounts about what really happened and Troyer added that the shooter would also need medical attention because of the assault. Deputies were also looking for another man late Saturday that is also reportedly a member of the Ghostriders. That member is a 70 year old blind man (reportedly) who fled the scene before officers arrived and he left his car at the event.

We’ll update this story as soon as we can wake up our friends in the headlining band Mace that were to take the stage at 10:00 PM, after all it is only 8:30 Sunday morning and you know the drill!!!!



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