Good to Die Signees MERSO Drop Collaborative ‘The Bernie Sanders 2016 EP’

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MERSO, the latest signees to Good to Die Records, have teamed up with artist Brandon Vosika, Illuminasty Records, and Halfshell Records to bring you an all-new EP, burgeoning with magnetic post-rock jams swathed in math-centric rhythms. Featuring their newest single, “Cool Guide at the Seattle Underground Tour,” The Bernie Sanders 2016 EP (released digitally yesterday, but has a limited cassette run coming March 22) showcases a pivotal transition for MERSO with heavy yet dynamic pop songs marking a most triumphant progression from the dark and foggy tones of 2013’s The Plague House.

Merso’s guitarist Taylor Romoser explains the inspiration behind the record with: “Our friend Brandon did this rad drawing of Bernie and we wanted to collaborate, do something for his campaign. Bernie is the only sensible choice! With a focus on campaign finance reform, and progressive taxation to fund higher education, I stand with Bernie Sanders.”

You can catch MERSO playing songs from The Bernie Sanders 2016 EP on Bainbridge Island at Spacecraft on March 18th, with hometown psych-rock heroes WEEED. (More information on this show is available via Spacecraft’s website here.) More shows supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign are promised to be announced in the coming months! MERSO is asking your support to help elect Bernie Sanders as our next POTUS! In hopes of raising money for Senator Sanders, all proceeds, including cassette and digital sales will directly benefit the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign.

The Bernie Sanders 2016 EP is now available to purchase and stream on Bandcamp, as well as the embedded link below. The cassette version is available for pre-order at Illuminasty Records via this location. Its projected release date is March 22nd of this year.

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