The Good Pack: Pay what you want for five awesome PNW albums for an awesome charity!



(UPDATE: The Good Pack has officially been updated to include an option to get the bundle at no charge. You can get the six releases for free here.)


If you like kick-ass music and like supporting good charity causes, observe The Good PackThe Good Pack is a pay-what-you-want bundle of four albums (and two EPs) from five different artists coming out of Washington State. Listeners can buy the collection of albums for as little as $1, and 30% of sales go to YouthCare, a Seattle nonprofit that provides counseling, housing, education, and employment training to homeless youth.

Included in this collection is a series of releases of the indie rock and folk-rock persuasion. If you’d like to purchase the bundle, you can set your own price at this location.

The albums in the bundle are the following:

Cloud Person – Monochrome Places

The Trouble Starts – East EPWest EP

The Marshall McLean Band – Glossolalia

Goldfinch – Faded Explanations Vols. 1 – 3

Kye Alfred Hillig – The Buddhist

Below is a video explaining what The Good Pack is and cordially introducing you to each artist in the collection.

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