FREE MUSIC: Download ‘You Didn’t See It Coming’ by Ex’s With Benefits

Some of the early quotes surrounding the new album ‘Bad Hotel’ by Ex’s With Benefits included legendary Seattle musician and Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm saying “That’s Rippin’ Stuff”….we could just about stop there because it sums it up pretty good but we went on to say  “this could be the Seattle album of the year” and we’re still sticking with that.  Of course Arm and Ex’s With Benefits drummer Alex Vincent were bandmates in Green River and that alone should be enough to want to check this band out. Vincent wrote this album for possible future recordings by Green River that never materialized. Not wanting the music to go to waste, he held on to them hoping at the very least, to hear what they sound like with vocals put to them. He reconnected with a high school friend, Dmitra Smith, who was probably the best person on this planet to be singing this material. She really makes them her own.

Ex’s With Benefits bring their infectious energy and fuck-the-man attitude everywhere they go. Raw unfettered passion flows from their musical veins. Lap it up like the sonic vampire you are.” Phillip Peterson, Producer

Ex’s With Benefits wanted more fans to enjoy this “Rippin” album that officially came out on Valentine’s Day so they are giving away one of the tracks for free. The song is “You Didn’t See It Coming”.  It’s a high-energy, fun power-pop song with punk influences and with a line in it “You’re like a politician suckin’ dick” it’s most definitely a keeper.

Badass frontwoman and keyboard player Dmitra Smith has this to say about the album, “I first heard punk rock when I was 10 years old. Although I love all kinds of music, I was obsessively mesmerized by its energy and DIY creativity. Pretty soon I was pretending to sing in the mirror with a hairbrush. BAD HOTEL is the album I always wanted to make. It’s got all the good stuff: anger, satire, sex, fear, revolution. It’s meant to be played loud as hell. Grab your own hair brush and get after it!”

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Ex’s With Benefits will be playing an Album Release Show on April 10 at The Piranha Shop with hearts Are Thugs and Grindylow…..get more event details HERE and goddamit, if you like or love this band, share this post with someone and make their day a little bit better. Free music should make anyone’s day a little better.

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