Facebook Rolls Out “See First” to Desktop – Why This is a Big Deal

See first

Facebook recently announced some changes to the newsfeed that could be a big deal and that just might help you see more things you want, such as posts from your favorite northwest bands, or those friends that you somehow lost track of. “See First” promises to allow you the control to see content from the pages and friends you want to hear from. Part of the rollout is a redesigned and expanded News Feed Preferences interface to give you more control of your Facebook experience. It’ll be nice to be able to customize it even more. and save me from “almost” commenting on some of those posts.

News Feed is a personalized stream of stories that you build from the people and Pages you’ve connected to on Facebook. The goal of the newsfeed initially was to show us the types of content(posts) that Facebook thinks we’d be most interested in seeing. At time though, it seems to just be all over the place. I’ll see things that an acquaintance has liked or commented on in my newsfeed, stories that I would never be interested in.

Select friends and Pages to “See First”
To help prioritize stories, and make sure you don’t miss posts from particular friends and Pages, you can now select which friends and Pages you would like to see at the top of your News Feed. Make sure you spread the word and tell everyone they can now control which bands’ fanpage they want to see content from. Of course this will work for any pages but we’re using band fanpages as an example, because music.

Here’s how you do it: Within News Feed Preferences, tap on a friend’s profile picture to see their posts first. You will then see any new stories they’ve shared since your last visit to Facebook at the top of News Feed, with a star in the top right of their post so you know why they’re at the top. You can scroll down to see the rest of your News Feed normally. On the desktop version just roll the mouse over the “Like” button of your favorite fanpage like say, Northwest Music Scene and click “See First”(see photo at the top of this article) and you’re all set. For a friend’s profile just roll the mouse over the “Friends” button.

Let us know how this works for you.

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