The Dude, Jeff Bridges at Pantages in Theater in Tacoma

On a blustery November Friday night in Tacoma at the historic Pantages Theater, a much talked-about show took place, because, well, when “The Dude” is in town, people talk.

The Dude is of course Grammy winning actor/musician Jeff Bridges. The show was opened by local professional busker PK Dwyer. Read more about how he got this gig HERE

Bridges has been playing music for most of his life, and he told the story of how his famous father, Lloyd Bridges, encouraged him to become an actor instead of a musician. The elder Bridges told him that he’d eventually be able to play a musician if he heeded that advice. And while “The Dude” has certainly had the opportunity to play a musician on screen – as in the critically acclaimed 2009 film, “Crazy Heart” he is now getting to fulfill what he calls a teenage dream, playing his music to people in real life and sharing what he’s had deep inside of him for a long time. For full show review click HERE. Click HERE to read our interview with “The Dude”!

Read more about the show in the Tacoma Weekly

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