Dreaming Big! NWMS Interview With Dreamers

DreamersDream big! Armed with a new sound and creative drive Dreamers has covered a great deal of ground in less than a year, bringing their infections 70’s inspired dream pop to a number of stages throughout the United States and our Canadian brothers and sisters up North. During the bands recent tour stop in Seattle, I had the awesome opportunity to talk Arnold Schwarzenegger, lucid dreaming, touring with The Stone Temple Pilots, various encounters with psychedelics and the band’s upcoming plans for a full length with Nick, Chris and Nelson of Brooklyn’s Dreamers.

NWMS: Between the three of you who is the biggest dreamer?

Chris: I’m gonna say Nelson.

Nelson: Ahh.

Nick: Because he’s dreamy.

Nelson: I do tend to dream big but I think we all do.

Nick: I think our biggest dreamer has to be on twitter, anyone who supports us.

NWMS: No, no, it has to be between you three!

Nick: Well I think we’re all dreamers.

Nelson: Yeah you and you and even you.

Nick: Yeah, dream big!

Chris: Yeah and lucid dreaming. Did you ever try lucid dreaming?

NWMS: Yeah, absolutely!

Chris: Did you ever like lift off?

NWMS: Yeah, once or twice. It’s tough, man.

Chris: I’ve never really broken through. Not sure if that’s the right term. I’ve definitely been in the same room, running and jumping but never quite taking off.

Nelson: I’ve had some fine dreams that felt like accidents, I wasn’t really trying. Whenever I tried lucid dreaming I couldn’t ever really wake up. Dream logs are good things! Nicks written some songs in his dream!

Nick: Was that the Marley one? But yeah, a few times! You hear a song in your dream brain, wake up and try and jot it down really quickly. One time my dream brain wrote a Bob Marley song. It didn’t work for our band but it was cool.

NWMS: You guys had another project before this before Dreamers really took off?

Nick: Yeah me and Chris were in a band before this called Motives.

Chris: Really underground.

Nick: But yeah, me and him had to leave that and we grabbed Nelson and made this. This was the one that really worked. We had the same vision, same artistic and creative direction.

NWMS: So was there more of a creative pull that took you in that direction.

Nick: I really think so.

Chris: It was like a space shuttle, ya know? When it drops to the second stage, when it just drops.


I mean, they’re great dudes we’re still friends and have their support. We just weren’t aiming in the right direction.

NWMS: You guys put out your EP in November?

Nick: Was it?

Chris: Yeah.

Nick: It was only like 6 or 7 months ago but it feels like it was way longer.

NWMS: You guys have had some pretty positive response to it?

Chris: I think we found a couple covers of our songs on Youtube and for me, that was quite the milestone. To see someone taking one of our songs and doing their own thing with it.

NWMS: And was this your first national tour?

Nick: We just did March, April, May. 3 months of insanity. That was actually our first Seattle show ever.

Chris: Which we did with Stone Temple Pilots, which was nuts. The guys in Stone Temple Pilots picked us out of like 500 bands which is pretty cool.

NWMS: Isn’t Chester Bennington in Stone Temple Pilots.

Nick: Yeah! He’s a real class act. He bought us hotel rooms for the last month and a half we did with them.

NWMS: So you guys are recording right now? Any release date?

Nick: Yeah, we’re recording our album right now with our new record label which is Fairfax Recordings a branch of Hollywood Records. We’re recording in Sound City Studios. Which for us, is a huge deal.

Chris: Yeah, you remember that documentary that came out, that Dave Grohl did.

NWMS: Yeah! Awesome! So that’s all analog?

Nelson: Yeah, they run everything through tape before they put it on the computer.

Nick: All analog, one of the best collections of vintage recording gear in the world.

NWMS: Did that just make you have to nail it on the first take?

Chris: Oh yeah, it was pretty intense. We started with drums. Just four days straight of only drums. You had to bring your game.

Nick: Had to work!

Nelson: It was pretty inspiring, I mean, the room sounded so good.

Chris: And then there’s just one guy at the boards who’s Gavin, and I’m pretty sure there’s only one person in the world who can handle that responsibility.

Nick: He’s a level 60 wizard.

But yeah we’re recording the album all the way through to September and then we’re gonna be releasing singles. So be on the lookout.

NWMS: Alright guys, that’s pretty good for me.

Chris: Can I do one last shout out? BOOMER LIVES.

Alex Stanilla

Alex Stanilla is a writer from Lebanon, Pennsylvania now residing in Seattle, WA. He enjoys cats, pasta, live music, coffee and donuts and trying to write about all of those things. You can catch him at a show or the bar or the bar at the show where he'll somehow find a way to compare whatever band is playing to Elliott Smith. Find him on Twitter at @Kanga_rooBoy

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