Disentomb coming to El Corazon on September 16th

Disentomb coming to El Corazon on September 16th

Disentomb LIVE with Visceral Disgorge, Signs of the Swarm, Continuum, Organectomy and Mental Cruelty


In their 10th year since conception, Disentomb now stands as one of the most unique and commanding bands in modern death metal. The pursuit of unrelentingly brutal death metal has lead them down a dark and twisted path and into a unique sound completely unlike their beginnings, combining lacerating energy with a bleak dissonance that embodies a focused sonic malice like no other.

2009: Formed, released two track 2009 Promo.

2010: Released debut album Sunken Chambers of Nephilim through Amputated Vein Records. Supported Napalm Death and Dying Fetus. Toured Australia

2011: Played Switzerland’s Mountains of Death w/ To Violently Vomit, Defeated Sanity, Putridity, Wormed, Decapitated. Toured United Kingdom w/ Cerebral Bore.

2012: Released 2012 Promo. Toured Australia w/ Cannibal Corpse. Toured Australia w/ Bastardfest/Psycroptic/Bloodduster. Bassist Tom departs.

2013: Jim joins the band on bass.

Released two track 2009 promo.

2014: Release second full length album ‘Misery’

Played Indonesia’s largest metal festival, HAMMERSONIC, alongside Morbid Angel, Kreator, Hatebreed


From the violence-ridden bowels of Baltimore emerges VISCERAL DISGORGE vomiting forth their debut album INGESTING PUTRIDITY. Serving up 9 bloody cuts that will captivate the enthusiasts of brutality everywhere!


Signs of the Swarm is a five-piece death metal horde hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “With the release of their debut album Senseless Order earlier this year, they’ve already begun to gain national attention. The mood and ambience are consistent and the breakdowns and build up to them are flawless. Vocals are absolutely incredible.” – Sputnik Music


Featuring current and former members of Decrepit Birth, Braindrill, Animosity, Odious Mortem, Arkaik, Deeds of Flesh, Son of Aurelius and Flesh Consumed.


We are Organectomy, a Slam/Death Metal band from Christchurch City, New Zealand.

Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, ‘Organectomy’ have been at the forefront of New Zealand’s Slam and Death Metal scenes since first hitting the stage back in 2010.

The twisted slamming brainchild of Drummer Jae Hulbert, Bassist Tyler Jordan, Vocalist Alex Paul, and Guitarists Sam McRobert and Ashton Moore, ‘Organectomy’s’ unique brand of ‘Slamming Death Metal’ incorporates Aspects of Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Atmospheric Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Slam into a twisted amalgamation of pure, sickening brutality.


Brutal Slamming Deathcore from Karlsruhe, Germany.

Since 2016 this young 5 piece monster from Karlsruhe, Germany have been carving their own niche, decimating venues across Europe. The resultant hype is raging within the underground.


Slamming brutal death metal band from Washington.

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