Concert Review: Galactic with Erica Falls and Kung Fu

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Galactic with Erica Falls and Kung Fu
The Showbox (Market)
February 27, 2015


On a cool February evening in the heart of Seattle, the historic Showbox Theatre was playing host to GALACTIC, the funk driven jam band from New Orleans with guest songstress Erica Falls. As the room filled with funksters and music lovers, you could sense that something special was going to happen.

Opening the evening was a band called KUNG FU, and did they ever make an impact! With strong horn playing by frontman Robert Somerville, excellent guitar playing by Tim Palmieri, solid bass guitar from Chris DeAngelis, funky fingers by Todd Stoops on keyboards, and Adrian Tramontano beating the skins furiously (drums/percussion), these guys were tight. They performed several selections from their album “Tsar Bomba” and really tuned up the crowd for GALACTIC.

GALACTIC came onto the stage in heavy fog, with lights flashing, and the deep bass lines from Robert Mercurio and rhythmic beats from master drummer Stanton Moore. With Ben Ellman on harps and horns, Jeff Raines on guitar, Rich Vogel on keyboards, and Corey Henry on Trombone, GALACTIC put on a funky bombastic sonic blast.

And joining GALACTIC on vocals, the wonderful Erica Falls. When she hit the stage, she sang with a powerful and soulful voice. Her energy and stage presence carried the music to another level. At one point I turned to watch the response from the crowd and I saw one woman crying with tears of joy from what she was hearing, it was truly that special.

With a mix of rhythm and blues, funk and soul, and rooted in the sounds of New Orleans, GALACTIC had the room in the grasp of ecstasy.

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