Concert review: Clint Black and Shelby Earl in Edmonds

Clint Black 2

Clint Black with Shelby Earl

Edmonds Center for the Arts

February 20, 2015




Ok, I have to admit, I knew of Clint Black, but quite honestly never really listened to his music before. Yes, I knew that he was a country artist that’s been around for a while, having been very successful earlier in his career, married to actress/model Lisa Hartman, and a CMA winner back in the day.

Also surprisingly, Clint Black sold-out the Edmonds Center for the Arts! I wasn’t sure what to expect to tell you the truth. Opening for Mr. Black was Seattle’s very own Shelby Earl. I’ve seen her several times now and she sings from a personnel perspective with a strong stage presence. In addition to singing songs from her two albums, she did an inspiring version of Lucinda Williams “Passionate Kisses”.

After the brief intermission, Clint Black hit the stage with guitar in hand and harmonica around his neck. The first four songs featured Mr. Black solo and to my surprise, had no idea that he played harmonica and man he sure is good. And he played a wide variety of harps, switching from one to another. The same with his guitars, he kept his guitar tech busy, switching to a different acoustic guitar from song to song.

After the first four songs, his band joined him, veterans of 30 plus years playing with Clint Black, and you could tell. These guys were tight. This was country music played how I like it. Clint Black engaged with his audience throughout the show and there were moments of laughter and banter.

Clint Black played some songs deep from his catalog, with co-songwriter/guitarist Hayden Nicholas. Both Black and Nicholas played off each other in what you’d expect from a 30-year musical relationship. The guitar playing by both was impressive, especially with how many times they switched guitars.

The evening of music finished off with a standing ovation, which certainly was expected considering the performance and professionalism from this country music legend. And yes, I would go and see Clint Black again as his show and music were that good. When you think about all the country music that is out there from the next generation, its nice to hear an artist that is authentic and real.

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