Compilation Album feat. Northwest Independent Artists Smoosh, Shaprece, Afraid of Figs, Tyrannosaurus grace & more

Fake Label RecordsThe idea is simple: get great bands with devout followings and find a way for those followers to become a collective mass of show-goers and local band supporters.This will be achieved through the distribution of FREE compilation CD’s at the shows of each band on the roster.

The specifics: hopefully 2000 albums will be produced, with 100 being given to each band to be distributed for free at their live shows. The remaining 800 will be distributed to small, locally owned Record Stores such as Easy Street Records and B-side Records, which have already committed to the cause, as well as local radio stations. Free digital downloads will be available on a site specifically made for the album. Extra tracks from select bands on the album will be made available with the download.

Fake Label will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of physical copies, and has set goal amount to cover 1000 CDs, in the hope that enough money will be raised to be able to press 2000.

Fake Label Records was established in 2011 by long time friends and fellow bandmates in Tyrannosaurus grace, Tim Held and Justin Foss. It is a small label with a shoestring budget who aims to use all of it’s available resources as well as a DIY approach to getting things done in a thrifty fashion to boost the profiles of independent and DIY acts from the Pacific Northwest. Our first offcial release was made available in September of 2011 and our first compilation album of Northwest Artists will be available in early 2012.

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