Chris Cornell plays John Lennon’s Imagine at El Corazon

History was made on Friday night in Seattle as Chris Cornell and Tom Morello teamed up for the 15 dollar an hour minimum wage campaign.(more on that later) A little after 10pm, Morello,  the guitar wizard best known as a member of Rage Against The Machine took the stage in front of a sold out crowd at Seattle’s El Corazon, once known as the Off Ramp. Tom joked with the crowd about how hot it was in there the last time he played the stage which was around 22 years ago back when it WAS  The Off Ramp. And it was  just as hot on this special night.

Morello joked about the time he and Cornell had a band together called Audioslave. He jokingly told the audience that as much as he loves Rage Against The Machine, that being in a band with Cornell brought something that they never in Rage–female fans! He also mentioned a time in Sweden while on tour with Audiaslave when he decided to go for a walk and bumped into a couple of fans. These fans were two Sweden bombshells and they approached him and said, “are you Tom Morello?” He confirms it is indeed him and they excitedly ask, “from Audioslave?” He once again  confidently confirms their questions and he’s really liking where this is going. The next question was “where’s Chris?”….Morello continues that they knew he was feeling a little bad about the encounter now so one of the two beauties put her hand on his shoulder and said, “don’t worry my brother loves you”.

Tom Morello’s band was as tight and solid as you would expect and After Morello blew away the crowd with a haunting original tune called The Garden Of Gethsemane(look it up, it’s amazing)he brought out Chris and the party really started, giving the crowd what a lot of them came for, a glimpse of Chris up close and personal at a place many had seen him 2 decades earlier. This video was shot by our friend  Xana Land and all rights belong to her. Thanks Xana!

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