CeDell Davis & Friends Feat. Mike McCready, Peter Buck, Barrett Martin, Van Conner, Scott McCaughey & Ayron Jones – June 14 in Seattle

Cedell Davis

If you’ve spent anytime on this website and especially our Facebook page you’ll likely know that we love the blues. And Barrett Martin has just announced an incredible blues show for Seattle.

Him and a few of his badass buddies are gonna get their blues on and bring an absolute legend to town.  This will be a very special night featuring the music of 89 year old delta blues legend CeDell Davis and a backing band of Seattle all-stars. See the list below.

This show is being filmed and recorded for a documentary film about how the music of the Mississippi Delta influenced Seattle Rock & Roll. You won’t want to miss this show and tickets are going fast in the link below.

Get tickets HERE


CeDell Davis, Delta Blues Legend
Peter Buck of REM
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam & Mad Season
Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees & Mad Season
Van Conner of Screaming Trees
Scott McCaughey of Minus 5
Evan Flory Barnes of Tuatara
Skerik of Tuatara
Ayron Jones of AJ & The Way
Greg & Zakk Binns
And other special guests

More about CeDell Davis: Davis is one of the last of the American treasures that are the delta bluesman. CeDell overcame handicaps throughout his life and never let it stop him. A bout of polio restricted the use of his hands but the blues already had him and he was going to let that stop him. He simply adapted his own unique style of playing by using a common table knife as a slide.

Davis was born in Arkansas in 1926 and despite his physical setbacks, by 1940 when he was 14, he began playing in juke joints and on street corners in Helena[Arkansas]. Helena was home to many of the blues greats in the 40,s such as Sonny Boy Williamson, Sonny Boy Williamson, Roosevelt Sykes and many others. CeDell played with all these blues legends before landing a spot in Robert Nighthawk’s band. A decade with Nighthawk cemented Davis as one of the premier blues players on the circuit but in 1957 he again suffered another physical setback when both of his legs were broken in a bar fight when bar patrons panicked and trampled Davis.
In 2004, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Blues from the Delta Cultural Center, which also features Davis memorabilia.

Earlier in 2015 CeDell Davis released an album called ‘Last Man Standing’ on Martin’s Sunyata Records.

For more on CeDell Davis read HERE and HERE

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