CD Review: The Forgotten 45’s – Stop

StopHailing from Enumclaw and Olympia, alt/rockers The Forgotten 45’s have recently released their debut album ‘Stop’. This album contains an array of genres making it a great album for entertaining many different listeners at one time. It has a very warm feel to it. Nolan McSheridan has a calm, clear voice that frolics through the ears and into the mind.

Guitarist Mike Rossi has a wonderful relationship with his guitar, generously sharing his prowess with listeners through the entire release but  most notably in songs the title track “Stop”, “New Year”, “State Of Affair”, along with some tasty licks in “Don’t Cry” which has a very cool, sad, grungy sound. It also contains some beautiful harmonies that enable this song to feel warm, touching and complete. Other notably harmonic songs on this album are “Pink Azaleas” and “When I Was A Kid” with a catchy melody that continues to play in your head, even after the song is long over.

The band proves they are accomplished musicians and show that they are not a one trick pony on this release as they expand out of the formulaic rock template and let the songs breathe. They delve into some bluesy sounds with a song called “Mistress” that features a guitar riff that begs the listen to break out the air guitar and join in. “Smooth Operator” is an easy listen and pop influenced while “Fragile Beauty” and “Wallow In The Mire” follow more along the grunge path.

With the appealing sound of McSheridan’s voice, the skill of Rossi on guitar, an exceptional rhythm section that features the sturdy bass of Cosmo and great meter from David Gies there is plenty of support for idea that The Forgotten 45’s have a future in music.


1. Stop

2. Pink Azaleas

3. Smooth Operator

4. Mistress

5. Fragile Beauty

6. When I Was A Kid

7. Wallow In The Mire

8. State Of Affairs

9. Don’t Cry

10. New Year

Recorded at South Sound Studios by Jason Suko

Nolan McSheridan – Lead vocals/acoustic guitar

Michael Rossi – Lead guitar/harmonies

Cosmo – Bass

David Gies – Drums

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