Bumbershoot Coverage 2011

It’s pretty funny how perception is sometimes. Of course, I’m talking about my perception and not yours. For quite some time now I have been reading about how bad Bumbershoot 2011 was going to be and granted, while there were some acts there that I probably wouldn’t normally pay to see, there were some that I would pay to see again and again.

I had the chance to catch part of Motopony’s set and they delivered the goods. The final song was an epic ode to every jam band out there. Daniel Blue and the boys do not disappoint!

Ian Moore and The Lossy Coils blew the doors off of the Starbucks Stage, wait there were no doors but if there was, they were toast.  If you have not caught his act, I would highly recommend it. There is a little bit of everything in there from blues, rock, jam, punk and he is a fantastic lyricist.

Another highlight of the day was the Australian band You Am I pleasuring the crowd with their grunge meets punk style. Not sure if this was part of the act but they changed guitars more often than my friend checked his hair, which was a lot…LOL! They are definitely a tight outfit and I will keep them on the radar for another Seattle stop.

The first big rap show of my life was on the main stage inside Key Arena courtesy of Big Boi and I gotta tell yeah, I did not hate it. No one told me there would be a drummer but this guy was sick. He had full command of his kit and made the show for me.

I also caught the first part of Fitz and The Tantrums, mainly to see what the fuss was about with that band. I suppose I kinda got it, they are definitely a good, solid band but I left because I really wanted to catch the last part of the Urge Overkill set. My friend who invited me to Bumbershoot, had waited 15 plus years to see them again. We had separated by this point so I didn’t get a chance to see how many times he fixed his hair during the Urge set but all kidding aside, those guys are killer!

We also caught pieces of Curtains For You, Quadron, Head Like A Kite and Charles Bradley

So, in total we caught all or parts of over 10 bands and had a great day on the sun drenched Seattle Center grounds. It was well worth whatever my friend paid for the ticket.





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