Breaking News: London Bridge Studio Founder Rick Parashar Passes Away

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According to his assistant Matthew Freeman, London Bridge Studio founder and Seattle music legend Rick Parashar has passed away.

The King County Medical Examiner reported that the founder of London Bridge Studios Rick Parashar died yesterday afternoon (August 14th) at his home in Queen Ann, Seattle, from natural causes. Parashar’s assistant Matthew Freeman has confirmed the information. They found a Pulmonary Embolism, Deep Venous Thrombosis of the Lower Extremity. A blood clot from his leg moved up to his heart. Our thoughts are going out to his family and friends.

Our interview with Rick from June 2014.

Rick Parashar and his brother Raj founded and built London Bridge Studio in Seattle, WA, in 1985. Aside from composing and performing his own music, Rick also worked with and developed many local Seattle artists, including Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Brandi Carlile, My Goodness and many others.

Helmed by Rick’s production and recording services, London Bridge became the center of the Seattle music scene. His credits include Multi-Platinum releases for Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Blind Melon and Dinosaur Jr.

Rick’s projects were not limited to just Seattle’s artists. In 2001 he produced 3 Doors Down’s multi-platinum record Away from the Sun, and was nominated for a Grammy for Nickelback’s Silver Side Up (which sold in excess of 6 million copies). His production credits also include platinum albums for Melissa Ethridge, Bon Jovi and Unwritten Law.

In addition to producing and engineering, Rick also played piano, Fender Rhodes, organ and percussion on the Pearl Jam tracks Black and Jeremy as well as Temple of a Dog’s “Call Me A Dog”, “All Night Thing,” and “Times of Trouble”.

Rick has been most recognized in the industry for his vocal production. Capturing and editing lead vocals; fine tuning melody and phrasing; writing background vocals and harmonies.

RIP Rick

“We love him and miss him”, Matthew





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