Blue Moon Tavern to Celebrate 80 years with Blackheart Honeymoon & Star Anna

1966920_10152274745149914_282869392_nOn the heels of their recording session at the Kill Room Studios for the first half of their untitled debut full-length album and an appearance on the season finale of the CW 11 show Band in Seattle on March 22, 2014, Blackheart Honeymoon will be opening for Star Anna at the Blue Moon in Seattle as part of Blue Moon’s 80th Anniversary celebration.

Star Anna is riding similar momentum, having just returned from tour centered on the SXSW festival and her own appearance on Band in Seattle.

“I was a fan of both Star Anna and Blackheart Honeymoon before Band in Seattle, but I fell in love with them after completing their episodes. It takes a genuine and passionate person to create music like this and when I found out they were playing together I cleared my calendar before even knowing the date.” – Jon-Paul Durant – Producer and Sr. Editor / Band in Seattle

Show starts at 9:30pm on Saturday, April 19 with Blackheart Honeymoon up first and Star Anna will close things out. It’s bound to be a packed, rockin’ night, so get there in time to hear both incredible artists!

“If it weren’t for the Blue Moon, I wouldn’t exist; there would be no Blackheart Honeymoon. And we are so excited to play with Star Anna, who’s a phenomenal staple of the Seattle music scene.” – Ian Prebo, singer/songwriter of Blackheart Honeymoon

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