Bay area Radio Station Bans Seattle Music in Support of the Forty-Whiners

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — With fan ferocity reaching a fevered pitch before Sunday’s NFC Championship game, the Bay area airwaves are going to be Seattle-free and boring as hell this weekend for CBS station LIVE 105, as DJs nix  rockers from Seahawks territory in favor of local promotions and in support of the Forty-Whiners.

It was a simple decision for LIVE 105 manager Brandon Paski.

“In light of news stories about Seattle banning California from buying tickets to the football game, inflated prices at bars, we decided it was only fair to not play bands who hail from Seattle this weekend on LIVE 105,” Paski told

No bands from Seattle, and no tickets for any bands from Seattle.

Instead, the alternative rock format station will play all non-Seattle bands, and highlight local shows with ticket giveaways. Looks like it’ll be a Journey marathon….have fun with that!



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