Review: Stag’s ‘Midtown Sizzler’ is just what this summer needs

Now all the talk about the album sounding a bit nostalgic is not a bad thing in any way, shape or form. It fits just fine in the world we live in today and it’s a fun album to listen to all the way through. That said, if this had come out in say, 1973, and people bought music the way they did back then, it would be a world-wide smash.

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Flight to Mars and Thunderpussy work Friday night Showbox crowd into a frenzy

The hard-rockin’ purveyors of sweet Seattle sonic thunder excitedly took the stage a little after to nine to a near full house at The Showbox. If you’ve been at a Thunderpussy show before you know into the crowd is and how into the crowd the band is, both seemingly playing off each other, daring each other to go a little further each time.

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