Oregon Eclipse Gathering: A Journal

We’ll see first-hand what happens when you send an aging journalist to a six day party where activities such as mind expansion and exploration are not only allowed, they’re encouraged. This is an event that puts more thought into their yoga instructions than most festivals put into their headliners. In planer words is going to be so special I know attendees who are skipping Burning Man.

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ODESZA No Longer Up-and-Coming, According to Their Northwest Shows

The ODESZA trail started with the release of Summer’s Gone in 2012. They’ve kept these songs in Rotation since and unleashed “How Did I Get Here” and the ultra-dreamy “Today” shortly into their set. Not only has their sound made improvements, but the visuals stepped up big in a scene where suddenly high production visuals are necessary (thanks Daft Punk).

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Musicfest NW: Three Days of Music, Sweat, and a Little Bit of Smoke

Although though the number of bands shrank dramatically since the old days, they were able to put together a sound lineup with a good amount of diversity while remaining fluid. For some reason though, I left with an urging sensation to cruise around in a neon green Scion and smoke Marlboro Blacks. Weird.

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