A More Grown up Asking Alexandria Delights Portland Crowd

Asking Alexandria showed up at the McDonald Theater in Eugene, OR on December 1st for ‘The Moving On’ tour.  The five man band, founded by Ben Bruce (guitars/vocals), hails from England.  Bruce, who founded the band in 2008, has been the driving force that has kept them together through thick and thin.  Asking Alexandria have been known to be notorious, hedonistic, over-indulgent partiers. Danny Worsnop (lead vocals) has had a significant history with alcohol that has reared its ugly head on stage many times.  The band played Seattle  in 2011 and were heckled while on stage, due to Worsnop’s performance while intoxicated and then  a  show in Yakima in 2011 that was equally as bad but Asking Alexandria has never tried to hide from their history.  They have embraced their past and allowed it to propel them forward.

On December 1st, 2014 the band proved how much they have grown.  On the road in support of their 2013 release From Death to Destiny the band took the stage and provided some of the skeptics in the audience with an opportunity to start over. Danny Worsnop performed a great show, with plenty of shenanigans and comedy on stage.  Clearly, this band took seriously the 2011 event and made a change for the better.  All band members appeared to be ready to rock, and delivered the best show possible. Cameron Liddell (guitars), Samuel Bettley (bass guitar), and  James Cassells (drums) were all in great form.  The banter between Worsnop and Bruce showed that their friendship stood the test of near destruction, and came out strong as ever.  Ben Bruce, along with the rest of the band, have supported Danny Worsnop during his time of excess.  They made sure that he got the help he needed, and came back stronger than ever.
The band had amazing lighting and sound.  Strong delivery of the bands ballad “Moving On” was also a clear testimonial to where the band places their priorities now.  The show was full of the bands hard hitting hits like “Don’t Pray for Me”, “To the Stage”, “The Final Episode”, and “Not the American Average”.  Worsnop sounded great and the band seemed tighter than ever.  The band was joined for this tour by special guests Blessthefall, Chelsea Grin, Upon a Burning Body, and The Family Ruin. Asking Alexandria is definitely a band to watch, and see what the future brings.  If they continue in the direction they are going right now, they can surely reach the top.  All they need to do is keep ‘Moving On’.
See more photos of the show HERE at Negative Image Photography

Charla Stephenson

Charla is a new addition to the Northwest Music Scene family, she has had a passion for music since she was just a small girl. At the age of five, she was rocking out to Kiss at the local pizza restaurant with her older brother. It didn't take long until she was hooked on rock music. Growing up in Southern Oregon there was not a lot to do except listen to music and hang out with friends. Now, at the age of forty-two, she is the married mother of four children. She is still rocking out and in the pit at several metal shows a year. Charla is also an Emergency Nurse with fifteen years of adrenaline filled experience in the field. Charla and her husband Geoff would like to become more involved in the music scene and possibly retire in an RV chasing festivals all over the country. Currently, she is content writing music reviews, taking pictures, and interviewing bands every chance she can get.

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